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Band Puller

Band Puller ..

860 Ft Ex Tax: 860 Ft


It has excellent stretch, recovery and fish-playing characteristics, stretching out much further and..

5,880 Ft Ex Tax: 5,880 Ft

Bungee Connector Beads

Extra Large Power Bungee Connectors are ideal for larger sizes of hollow elastic such as Drennan Red..

1,050 Ft Ex Tax: 1,050 Ft

Dacron Connector

The material is also designed to be stiff enough to help push the main line away from the pole tip, ..

1,700 Ft Ex Tax: 1,700 Ft

Flexible Float Link

Flexible Float Link ..

890 Ft Ex Tax: 890 Ft

Hook tyre

Hook tyre ..

2,400 Ft Ex Tax: 2,400 Ft

Match Disgorger

Match Disgorger ..

500 Ft Ex Tax: 500 Ft

Pellet Band Stretcher

Pellet Band Stretcher ..

2,910 Ft Ex Tax: 2,910 Ft

Pole pots

Pole Pots are a set of three pole pots complete with an adaptor for fitting to the end of a cupping ..

3,990 Ft Ex Tax: 3,990 Ft

Pushstop Drill

Pushstop Drill ..

1,390 Ft Ex Tax: 1,390 Ft

Pushstop Pusher

Pushstop Pusher ..

860 Ft Ex Tax: 860 Ft

Pushstops : Clear

Pushstops : Clear ..

860 Ft Ex Tax: 860 Ft

Pushstops : Pellet Brown

Pushstops : Pellet Brown ..

860 Ft Ex Tax: 860 Ft